Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dad's Life and Times

Well, here I am with another blog. It came about quite by chance really. I wouldn't say accident, but it seems My Father in Heaven wants it. Art & the Beauty of Life. The other two blogs I have princessayo.blogspot.com and tundethelittlenigerianprince.blogspot.com are about words the Lord gives me to say and what I'm doing and what's happening with stuff I'm selling and the children's book.

I envision this one being about my artwork and how beautiful life can be. Mmm, let's see how it goes. Should be interesting. I start with this family picture. It's bitter sweet as time marches on. Families cannot stay the same. After 54 years as head of our family Daddy went on to Glory on July 2. It's like the group has broken up. We've been the six Durodolas for so long, but change must come. Even though I know he's happy in his new home, I miss him. Like he told me one day, some years ago, "I can't stay here forever, Carroll".

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