Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesus is the Beauty of Life

Jesus is the Beauty of Life. At this Christmas time we think of Jesus coming to Earth - nevermind if it's not the right time, it celebrates that He came! He came folks! God came to Earth as a man. Emmanuel, God with us.

Isaiah predicts His coming and says he won't be handsome or in a palace like people expect. So I'm wondering if perhaps Jesus wasn't handsome like the standards of those days. But NOW! Now, this Jesus is Beautiful. He is full of light. Full of truth. He is Love. He is full of Peace. And He is sooooooooo Beautiful, for that is true beauty.

This peace He brings is causing our lives to be beautiful like He is. I like the Christmas decorations, because they are always pretty and beautiful. Everywhere you look the decorations are pretty, gorgeous, sometimes opulent. The Bible says, God deals extravagantly with us and we can see from the descriptions of the Temple and the priests in the Old Testament that God loves beautiful things, expensive things - gold, silver, fine linens, braids, tassles, brass, draperies and so on. You know that must have looked beautiful. And the backdrop was the desert, because the people of God were in the desert, so it really stood out.

In the future those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as God come to Earth as a human and have asked and allowed Him to be the Lord and Master of our lives, look forward to the heaven description we see in Revelation. Why, folks, "the great street of the city was of pure gold", they say we'll be able to see through it. It's so pure that it's clear! There are 12 foundations to the city and each one is of a solid precious gem. Can you imagine? Talk about Art and the Beauty of Life!

People, behold your King Jesus. He is beautiful. If you haven't made Him King of your life yet, He's available to be your King. He will make your life beautiful. You'll be walking around and won't even know how beautiful you look, but God would have done such a work in you that others will see and name you - Beauty. It won't be as the world calls beauty, but they won't be able to miss you, for He is going to make you one of his diamonds.